General research topics

  • Mobile Robotics
  • Computer Vision
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Machine Learning: Shallow and Deep

Recent research on

  • Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAV)
  • Visual Inspection
  • Defect Detection
  • Object Recognition
  • Target Tracking

Funded Projects

BUGWRIGHT2 - Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Maintenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks
EU H2020 GA 871260 (2020-2024)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

FUZZYMAR - Fuzzy Metrics and Indistinguishability Operators: Applications to Robotics
MCIU, Spanish Government, PGC2018-095709-B-C21 (2019-2022)

Main Researcher: Óscar Valero / Alberto Ortiz

IMABIA - Asistencia a procesos de inspección, monitorización e indentificación en el ámbito biosanitario mediante procesamiento de imágenes e inteligencia artificial
[English title: Assistance to inspection, monitoring and identification processes within a hospital environment by means of image processing and artificial intelligence]
Conselleria d’Innovació, Recerca i Turisme, Govern Balear, PROCOE/4/2017 (2017-2021)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

ROBINS - Robotics Technology for Inspection of Ships
EU H2020 GA 779776 (2018-2021)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

MERBOTS - Multifunctional coopERative marine roBOTs for Intervention DomainS
MINECO, Spanish Government, DPI2014-57746-C3-2-R (2015-2018)

Main Researcher: Gabriel Oliver / Alberto Ortiz

INCASS - Inspection CApabilities for enhanced Ship Safety
EU FP7 MOVE/FP7/605200/INCASS (2013-2017)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

Sistema de seguimiento de micro-vehículos aéreos para evaluación de prestaciones en aplicaciones de inspección
[English title: Micro-Aerial Vehicles Tracking System for Performance Evaluation in Inspection Applications]
Conselleria d’Innovació, Recerca i Turisme, Govern Balear, AAEE 50/2015 (2016)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

MINOAS - Marine InspectioN rObotic Assistant System
EU FP7 SCP8-GA-2009-233715 (2009-2012)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

Desarrollo y test de estrategias de inspección y documentación visual automatizada de grandes estructuras mediante un vehículo aéreo autónomo 
[English title: Development and Test of Automated Techniques for Inspection and Visual Documentation of Large Structures by means of Aerial Vehicles]
Conselleria d’Innovació, Interior i Justícia, Govern Balear, AAEE 0108/09 (2009-2010)

Main Researcher: Alberto Ortiz

PhD Thesis

New Segmentation and Edge Detection Methods Using Physics-Based Models of Image Formation

The physics-based vision paradigm is applied to the problem of segmenting an image. Both the table of contents (80.746 bytes) and the whole dissertation (9.175.897 bytes) can be downloaded. Some artifacts appear in images due to PDF compression, feel free to contact me in case you prefer an uncompressed version (146.207.125 bytes).